Reasons Why Men Should Choose Waxing for Body Grooming 

What’s the first thing that you think about when you hear the word “waxing”? Can you hear a woman screaming in agony whenever you think about that sticky goo just ripping hair from the body? However, that’s just the stereotypical way of thinking about this. Mens waxing has been a thing for quite some time. But, for some reason, it is believed that waxing is something that only females do. This is a reason why some men hesitate to wax themselves. 

Certainly, there shouldn’t be any shame in a person grooming their body. When has taking care of oneself harmed anybody? And let’s not discount the self-confidence and boost in self-esteem that accompanies a person when they know how smooth and spectacular their skin looks.

It can be argued why you should go through all the fuss of putting hot, sticky wax on your body and then screaming your heart out when the strip comes off when you can just shave. However, there are many reasons why waxing is a better alternative to shaving. Only the thing is that truly the first wax is hard. But once you start waxing yourself regularly, you won’t find waxing that bothersome. Maybe you’ll even look forward to that feeling where when you run your hands through your skin it simply glides like butter. The idea of not waxing only because it’s something that women do is absurd. Anyone who wants to get to rid of excessive body hair can choose to wax. 

Waxing Vs. Shaving, What’s Better? 

If waxing was as bad as it is made out to be, then it should have become obsolete. It’s not because people who do choose to wax know that it’s the better thing to do. Of course, there are a lot of things that could go wrong if you’re getting waxed by an unskilled person. Your skin might break out pretty badly. Moreover, ingrown hair, bumps, burns, and scars are also a possibility. With the help of a trained professional, though, you’re unlikely to face these problems. You might experience redness and soreness for at most 2 days after getting waxed, but that’s it. 

The reason why waxing hurts so much is that it pulls the hair out by the roots. This is why it is labelled as painful. Shaving, on the other hand, simply removes the hair visible on top of the skin. It cuts the half that’s above the skin, so the roots remain intact. However, those who do shave know that your hair starts growing back in the blink of an eye. You’ll have to shave quite frequently, days later, to get rid of the body hair as it’ll start showing in no time. But that’s not the case with waxing. Once they’re plucked out, it’ll take them weeks to start showing through the skin again. 

You shouldn’t hesitate to wax yourself either. And we cannot talk about the popularity of mens waxing without the mention of male celebrities, models, and sportsmen. They’ve certainly encouraged other men to go for it. The greater muscle definition and toning from waxing is definitely something to look forward to. 

Why is Mens Waxing Becoming So Popular? 

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of waxing. They might convince you to start waxing yourself. 

It’ll Make You Look and Feel Good

If done right, waxing can leave your skin smooth and glowing. It is said that waxing exfoliates the skin. This doesn’t mean that you should wax your face as the skin there is too delicate. Anyway, many people find their body hair embarrassing. It rather hides the beauty that underlies all that canopy of hair. So, they choose to get rid of it. And there’s no better way to go about it than waxing. Whether the hair is on your chest, arms, underarms, groin, legs, or hands, you can remove the hair by getting waxed. Of course, the results are not permanent. They are temporary but long-lasting and so worth it.

If you’re someone who goes to the gym, then a toned, hairless body can definitely make your muscles pop. Waxing is slightly more painful for men because they have greater body hair than females. Still, once you get in the habit of waxing yourself, it’ll feel like nothing. Moreover, as you do go on waxing, you’ll notice that the density of your hair growth will decrease. 

You Won’t Stink Up the Place 

It’s a real concern for both men and women. Body hair can make you stink quite easily. The hair itself can trap the body odour, which can make things quite worse if you’re thinking of socializing. Strips of wax will remove patches of hair, and you’ll finish removing your body hair within a few hours. 

It can also help you maintain good body hygiene. Removing body hair makes it easier to cleanse different areas. Moreover, the hairless body can easily absorb the oxygen in the air, which will also help your skin stay healthy. It’ll make you feel quite comfortable. 

You Can Easily Apply and Remove Things 

You know how much of a mess creams, ointments, or oils make when mixed with body hair. It just gets in the way of smooth application of different body products and even medicines when needed. Much of the product gets slathered on the hair, which just doesn’t feel good. 

Ripping off bandages becomes painful in itself if you have dense body hair. Changing dressings is far easier if you don’t have any body hair. Otherwise, it might stick to it and cause you further pain in the area surrounding the wound. 

But Waxing’s Too Painful!

If you wax once, you don’t have to worry about growing noticeable hair for at least a month. In some cases, it is longer than that. First few waxes are hard for many people. But the long-lasting results from waxing are quite desirable. You don’t have to take hours out of your day every day for removing body hair as with shaving. 

Anyway, your hair will start to grow much less if you keep waxing, which will also make the process far less painful. So, you shouldn’t hesitate from hopping on the waxing bandwagon. The journey’s quite rewarding. Even swimmers consider waxing their body to experience less drag due to the body hair when they’re in the pool. 

What Are Some Mens Waxing Aftercare Tips? 

Soon after waxing, your skin might feel raw, tender, and red. That’s why you should make sure to take complete care of it. Your skin might also form tiny bumps right after the wax. However, if you’ve gotten yourself waxed from a professional, these side effects are only temporary. Soon, your skin will get back its normal colour and feel, without the hair, though. There are some things that the professional might ask you to avoid. 

You might want to take a bath soon after getting waxed. That’s okay. You can. However, make sure that you take a bath with lukewarm or cold water, if possible. Also, avoid going to the gym, exercising, or doing any other strenuous activity. Sweating can irritate your waxed skin. And so, can products that contain fragrance and other irritating ingredients. This is why you should avoid putting any lotions or creams on the waxed skin. 

Don’t go swimming in any public pools. Moreover, don’t keep touching your skin as the germs from your hands can cause you to break out. Lastly, make sure that you’re not wearing tight clothing as the constant rubbing of the clothes against the skin can cause irritation. These are just a few things that you need to care of. It’s true that with the help of a trained professional, you won’t have to worry about anything. However, taking proper care of your skin after waxing is also very important. This is true for both mens waxing and women’s waxing. 

To Summarise the Above 

The biggest turn off of waxing is the pain. But, it’s completely normal. Since waxing removes hair by the root, you’re going to feel pain unlike with shaving. While waxing, depending on the area, your pain level might differ. For example, underarm waxing is not as painful as genital waxing. If you are thinking too much about the pain, you may try waxing on other parts of your body to test things a bit. Then, you may decide what you want. 

If you’re waxing yourself the first time, it’s always better to go to a trained professional who knows what they’re doing. This is because there are a lot of things that you can do wrong if you don’t know how to wax. Do not hesitate to get yourself waxed simply because you’re a man. Hair removal should have nothing to do with your gender. It can serve aesthetic, hygiene, and functional purposes. It’s only you taking care of yourself, and there’s no harm in that. Mens waxing has been around for quite some time. It’s time we all accept it with open arms.

Reviewed and Approved by Dr. Cagla Yuksel.

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