The Best Mens Eyebrows According to the Golden Ratio

Eyebrow trends for women are ever-changing. From the skinny brows of the 2000s to the sculpted Instagram brows of the 2010s to the emerging soap brows trend, it’s easy to know what’s in vogue for women’s brows. But the same trends do not exist for mens eyebrows.

With this discrepancy in mind, we wanted to find the perfect male brow. To do so, we utilized the golden ratio; the mathematical symmetry algorithm that influences a human’s perception of attractiveness to find the best pair of brows amongst the male celebrities who have been praised for them. 

Which male celebrity has the best mens eyebrows?

Taking the top spot as the now undisputed king of eyebrows is rapper and singer Drake (Aubrey Graham Drake). His thick but neat set with a natural downward arch is a 99.95% match to the ideal set by the golden ratio. His grooming methods have certainly improved since his Degrassi days.

Not too far behind him is football heartthrob David Beckham. His impressive 99.90% match is perhaps unsurprising considering he is married to style icon Victoria Beckham, who is unlikely to let her man walk the streets with unkempt eyebrows. 

In third place is the king of intense eyes, Ian Somerhalder. The former Lost and Vampire Diaries star came out with a 99.80% match for his mens eyebrows.

Rounding off the top ten is Mad Men star Jon Hamm, and The Social Network star Jesse Eisenburg. The pair have a match 99.08% of and 98.96% respectively. 

The top 15:

NameGolden ratio score
1Drake (Aubrey Drake Graham)99.95%
2David Beckham99.90%
3Ian Somerhalder99.80%
4Manish Dayal99.79%
5Bryce Harper99.74%
6Daniel Radcliffe99.30%
7Liam Hemsworth99.27%
8Charles Michael Davis99.12%
9Jon Hamm99.08%
10Jesse Eisenberg98.96%
11Zayn Malik98.89%
12Chris Pine98.74%
13Rodrigo Santoro98.55%
14Henry Cavill98.16%
15Tommy Lee Jones98.07%

The top five left mens eyebrows 

The team also investigated the single best left and right brows.

1. David Beckham:     99.99%

david beckham
David Beckham, 2007

2. Ian Somerhalder:   99.94%

Ian Somerhalder
Ian Somerhalder, 2012

3. Dave Franco:          99.89%

Dave Franco
Dave Franco, 2023

=3. Rodrigo Santoro:   99.89%

Rodrigo Santoro
Rodrigo Santoro, 2004

4. Brad Pitt:                99.86%

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt, 2000

According to the golden ratio, the single best mens eyebrows in the game is the one on the left side of David Beckham’s face with an almost perfect score of 99.99%. In this match, he beat Drake by a solid 9 places in the rankings.

In second place is Ian Somerhalder who came third in the overall rankings. His left brow scored 99.94.%

The third is a tie between Rodrigo Santoro and Dave Franco. Neither of whose combined score made the top 10. But both seem to have a particularly strong left brow which was a 99.89% match.

The top five right mens eyebrows

1. Lee Pace:         99.82%

Lee Pace
Lee Pace, 2014

2. Wentworth Miller:    99.81%

Wentworth Miller
Wentworth Miller, 2015

=2. David Beckham:         99.81%

david beckham hair transplant
David Beckham, 2007

4. Zachary Quinto:         99.77%

Zachary Quinto
Zachary Quinto, 2013

5. Ian Somerhalder        99.54%

Ian Somerhalder 1
Ian Somerhalder, 2003

The single best right mens eyebrows goes to former elven king Lee Pace with a 99.82% match, despite the fact that his combined brows didn’t make the top 10. 

David Beckham makes another appearance at the top with a right eyebrow score of 99.81%, tied with Wentworth Miller who came 29th in the overall rankings. 

Zachery Quinto has the fourth best right eyebrow in the study with a score of 99.77% despite coming 25th in the rankings.  It seems that both he and Miller can blame their low place in the rankings exclusively on their left brows. 


1. To uncover the male celebrities with the best mens eyebrows, we collated a seed list of 37 celebrities in total, using GQ, Glamour, and Revelist. These sources were selected as they’re from well-reputed beauty and lifestyle publications, with the chosen articles ‘unofficially’ ranking the male celebrities with the best eyebrows.

2. To rank the male celebrity with the best eyebrows, a calculation of the golden ratio was utilised; the mathematical symmetry algorithm that influences human’s perception of attractiveness to find the best pair of eyebrows amongst those who have been included in the seed list.

3. To calculate the golden ratio, 68 facial landmarks were detected across the human face utilising the Python library. This was then accurately connected with the eyebrow and nose diagram from Anastasia Beverly Hills to ensure the formula was precise for both sides of the face.

4. To obtain an approximation of the golden ratio, a specialised in-house formula was developed. We then utilised this for each celebrity’s eyebrow in accordance with facial landmarks from an image analysis recognition library.

5. The golden ratio formula was determined using the line distance between the landmarking on the nose and two land markings on the eyebrows. Once this data was obtained, the line distance figures were processed through the golden ratio formula for each mens eyebrows.

6. For each celebrity, front-facing headshots that contain no face coverings or headgear were used to perform the golden ratio calculation to avoid discrepancies.

7. After the calculations were conducted, the left and right eyebrows were averaged to calculate the golden ratio between both eyebrows.

8. According to the golden ratio, the perfect eyebrow score is calculated as close as possible to 1.61803398875. This is based on the distance between facial features in relation to the eyebrow, their size, and placement on the face. The mean result of the left and right eyebrows was analysed to determine the final score.

9. Each celebrity’s final score was then converted to a percentage that determines how close each celebrity’s eyebrows are to perfection. The closer to 100% the celebrity scores, the more perfect their eyebrows are according to the golden ratio. 

*As different images of each celebrity may be used the approximation of the landmarks can vary. There is a possibility that someone’s skin may diverge from where it is due to their age, surgery, weight gain, or loss, so this may affect the facial landmarks and the approximation of the golden ratio of their eyebrows that were analysed.

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