Medical Travel for Hair Transplant During COVID-19: Is It Safe?

The coronavirus has wreaked global havoc. It has changed things for us like never before. No one was prepared to see this coming, especially the soaring economic projections. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat), the tourism sector raked $34.5 billion in 2019. Medical travel during COVID-19 has not been possible for many people.

However, in the first quarter of 2020, the sector saw a decline of 11.4%, with only $4.1 billion in revenues. Turkey has started to ease lockdown restrictions, which entails the resumption of travelling. This guide will answer your burning questions about medical travel during COVID-19 for hair transplant.

Tourism accounts for 12% of Turkey’s GDP. The country is one of the biggest tourist destinations. The government has developed a “Safe Tourism” certification program, which will ensure that hotels, airports, transport facilities, restaurants, and resorts follow certain hygiene standards. 

Based on 150 control points, this certificate is required for the reopening of facilities. It can be obtained through the website of the tourism ministry. People travelling from other countries can also get health insurance, introduced by the government.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised against all non-essential travel except for countries that are a part of its exemption list, which includes Turkey. The government of the United Kingdom has decided to remove the quarantine requirements for these countries and territories after 10th July as they pose a low risk. Therefore, you can do medical travel during COVID-19 with your mind at ease. It applies if a transit stop hasn’t been made.

Can I Have Hair Transplant if I Had Covid-19?

Hair transplantation is a relatively low-risk surgical procedure. However, it cannot be performed in the case of a certain disease. Those who have been tested as negative after treatment can travel to Turkey for hair transplant surgery. If you are currently infected and on the treatment, please take care of yourself and keep us updated about your health conditions.

What You Can Do Now If You’re Worried About Hair Loss During The Pandemic

It is time to book your free consultation with our experienced patient consultants. Longevita offers a free consultation service and provides a free treatment plan and quote. After that, all you need to do is book your flight tickets with our travel coordinators. 

Are Hotels Safe for Staying in Before and After Hair Transplant Surgery? 

Hotels in Turkey are taking numerous measures to ensure a safe trip for their guests. This time around your holiday in Turkey won’t be the same as before. Many medical tourists feel comfortable exploring the city before getting a hair transplant surgery. 

It can help them relax and take their mind off the impending surgery for a while. However, we can’t just go about “touching things” without thinking about them anymore. Rather than thinking that this will be a hindrance, you’ll have to learn to live with this new normal.

The Turkish Tourism and Culture Ministry has made sure that the travellers can come and go in safety. When you enter your hotel, there’ll be a thermal scan to check your body temperature. It is unlikely that you’ll make it to this point of your journey if you do have a fever. 

Airports in Turkey will screen you through thermal scanners. Other than that, a room from which the guest has checked out will not be used for one whole day. Every small item in the room will be cleaned. The reason for this is so that the fomites, surfaces containing the infection, do not pose a risk.

If you’re thinking of dining out in the hotel restaurant, then you most likely can. But there’ll be a social distance of at least 1 metre between the tables to ensure your safety. This will also hold for other recreational spots. 

As far as the hotel swimming pool is concerned, the problem is not so much with the water itself, but the people close by. There is chlorine in it, which may reduce the possibility of catching the virus. But you should still avoid the area.

  • What You Should Do?

As with any travelling, medical travel during COVID-19 will require you to stay in a hotel. You need to maintain good health before and after the hair transplant surgery. It is important for a successful recovery. Hotels will do everything they can to keep their guests safe. Having hair transplant surgery is totally safe during the COVID-19, as Longevita has started to welcome patients from the UK.

You should try to stay away from crowded areas, which includes the hotel lobby. After the hair transplant surgery, you should not perform any strenuous activity as it can put a strain on the surgical wound and dislodge the grafts. This means you won’t be going swimming anyway.

What Has been Longevita’s Initiative to Make Transport Cars Safe? 

Rather integral to medical travel during COVID-19 is the transfer of patients from airport to hotel, hotel to clinic and vice versa. It is impossible to avoid travelling by car when you’re in Turkey for a hair transplant. We have taken numerous safety measures so you can travel in absolute comfort and ease.

We’ll outline some of the measures taken by us to ensure a safe trip. The car you’ll be travelling in has a partition to create distance between you and the driver. You can easily place your luggage in the back of the car, which our driver will show you. 

If not, our driver will take care of placing your belongings in the car. You’ll be required to dispose of your old mask and gloves and replace them with the ones we’ll provide. Our drivers undergo a routine medical checkup/test to make sure they’re in good health. 

What Will be the Procedure On my Arrival at the Airport? 

To ensure a safe journey, there are certain conditions that you need to fulfil. At the airport, thermal cameras will check your body temperature. Those who are running a fever can be subject to checkups and testing at the testing centres at the hospital. Those who test positive will need to isolate themselves at their place of accommodation. We recommend you to check out COVID-19 Tourist Protection Heath Insurance, which is a government-backed scheme.

Wearing a mask at the airport and during flights is compulsory. Also, on arrival in Turkey, all passengers must complete a passenger information form at the airport. All these steps will ensure not only your health and safety but that of others too.

Will the Terminal Area of Airports be Clean and Safe in Turkey?

Medical travel during COVID-19 can add to your anxieties, but once you know the rigorous measures put into place, you can move about comfortably and responsibly.

Specifically, if we look at the terminal area regulations, passengers and visitors not wearing a mask will be denied access to the terminal and boarding facilities to protect public health. As mentioned above, there’ll be thermal camera screenings at the airport’s terminal entrance.

Only essential accompaniment can enter the terminal area, such as in the case of handicap or disability. UV lights are being used at the airport facilities for disinfecting the buildings, walkways, passenger luggage and their e-passports. An iGA Hygiene Team will ensure that all passengers are following social distancing rules. 

These rules have been put into place for your safety so you have to make sure that you’re following all the given instructions by the relevant airport or airline. You’ll be travelling a little different this time. It might feel full of hassles, but with a system, in place, things have been made easier for you. Once you know everything that’ll come your way, you can be better prepared for the next step. All the sanitary supplies such as sanitisers and PPE can be found at the airport.

What Is the Cost of Hair Transplant During COVID-19?

After witnessing a huge economic stagnation from April to July, many clinics in Turkey have decreased their hair transplant costs. You can save up to 70% by doing medical travel during COVID-19 to Turkey in July and August.

This is because of the many discounts being offered, not just by the clinic but also by airlines and hotels. Because of this, you might be able to get an even cheaper hair transplant cost in Turkey than is usual at this time of year.

Concluding Remarks 

Your medical travel during COVID-19 will be safe and successful with Longevita. Turkey is a “low-risk” country so, you can keep your stress at bay. Both the UK and Turkey also offer free testing. Moreover, you don’t have to self-isolate anymore. This will take care of any unnecessary delays in your journey.

All our surgeons will be welcoming international patients for new procedures from July onwards. We require all our patients to book a Travel Advice call before purchasing their flight tickets.

We’ll advise you on available surgery dates. It will also include a discussion on COVID-19 related measures that you need to be aware of prior to your flight bookings.

Reviewed and Approved by Trichologist Yaprak Yazan

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