Joe Swash Hair Transplants

Joe Swash has become a household name since he first appeared on the small screen at the age of seven. Many things about him have changed over the years, but it’s “Joe Swash hair” that’s drawn quite a lot of attention. 

When the actor had his first hair transplant, the surgery was not openly discussed in public, so he kept it under wraps. However, years later, he has come clean about it and has since had multiple procedures to get back his crowning glory. 

Who Is Joe Swash?

Born in Islington, London, in 1982, Joseph Adam Swash is an English actor and TV personality. As a child, he played small roles in different films and TV series, such as The Adventures of Pinocchio, LOL: Laugh Out Loud, The Bill, and Casualty, among others. Meanwhile, he also finished his education at Highbury Grove School and went on to study theatre at the Anna Scher Theatre School. 

While Joe Swash was just thinking about quitting his acting career, he got his first big break in BBC One’s EastEnders as Mickey Miller in 2003. Because of his character’s positive reception, he was made a regular on the show. He made his final appearance on the show in 2008. 

Following that, he appeared on the 8th series of the survival reality TV show, “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” He went on to be crowned the eighth King of The Jungle. He also joined a spin-off of the show “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here, NOW!” which was later renamed “I’m a Celebrity: Extra Camp.” 

After leaving the reality show in 2019, Joe Swash continued to remain in the public spotlight as he appeared as a contestant on “Dancing on the Ice” in 2020. He went on to win the twelfth series of the show. Other than that, he has also been a presenter or team captain in many other shows like “Hole In The Wall,” “Fake Reaction,” “Gimme A Break,” and “Driving Academy,” among others. He was on Celebrity Masterchef in 2021, and that’s when people couldn’t stop commenting on his thick barnet. 

What Was Joe Swash’s Hair Transplant Journey?

Joe Swash has had over three surgical procedures over the years. Following is Joe Swash’s hair transplant journey: 

2009: First Hair Transplant 

In an interview, Joe Swash said that he had first started noticing his hair loss during the first year of his run in the EastEnders show. That was back in 2003, and he was 21 at that time. It isn’t common for men to lose hair at that age, as there’s only about a 20% chance of men losing hair when they’re 20. 

Regardless, that’s when his pattern hair loss first started. In 2009, when he appeared in The Celebrity Jungle, at the age of 27, his hairline had noticeably receded and the thinning extended to the crown region of his scalp. 

Around that time, it was reported that a Joe Swash hair transplant had taken place. The first one for an alleged £3,000. Although he didn’t confirm anything at that time, he went on to do so while appearing as a panellist on Loose Women in 2016 with his now-fiance, Stacey Solomon. 

“I was on the TV, so that might have had something to do with it. I just thought I started ageing a little bit, I looked older than I am. And especially with the job that I’m doing as well, I want to try and look my best. I think it’s more about how you feel personally,” he said.

He also said that when he had his first procedure done “years ago,” he was “in a different mindset.” He wanted to keep the surgery a secret from the public because he was “really embarrassed” about getting it done. But then, with many other famous names like Wayne Rooney and James Nesbitt being open about it, he may have felt like he could too.

Joe Swash Before Hair Transplant
Joe Swash’s Hair Before Hair Transplant, 2015/Source: realjoeswashy via Instagram

By 2018: Second & Third Hair Transplant 

It is not exactly known when Joe Swash’s second hair transplant took place. It’s possible that he had one in 2016, as it’ll take a year for him to recover from that one before he could go on to get his third confirmed hair transplant in 2018. The third hair transplant was before he left for Australia to become a part of “I’m a Celebrity: Extra Camp.” He was hoping that his hair would grow by then.  

He was 37 at the time and was still losing his hair due to androgenetic alopecia. On his decision to get the surgery, he said that he didn’t want to wear hats anymore since he was in the “public eye,” and it made him “really conscious.” He even said that his mother would ask him to ditch the hat saying, “what you doing, get the hat off.” The EastEnders actor also said that he wanted to have his hair get thicker, and that would help boost his “self-confidence.”

Joe Swash After Hair Transplant
Joe Swash’s Hair After Hair Transplant, 2022/Source: realjoeswashy via Instagram

What Type of Hair Transplant Did Joe Swash Have? 

Although the actor hasn’t confirmed it, we think that his first hair transplant was a follicular unit transplant (FUT). In this, a strip of skin is removed from the back of the scalp. From this, hair follicles are taken out and then transplanted into the scalp.

The recovery process of this procedure is more difficult, and it can leave a linear scar. Joe Swash himself called his first procedure “brutal” and “the worst thing I’ve ever done.” He even regretted getting it done altogether. Around 2009, although FUE hair transplant had come out, it wasn’t as popular as FUT. That changed with time, though. 

Fut vs fue hair transplant

This time around, it seems like he had a follicular unit excision (FUE) surgery. In this, individual hair follicles are directly extracted from the scalp and placed into the balding regions through incisions. Since the procedure is less invasive and doesn’t involve making large incisions (or stitches), the recovery is easier, and scarring is less of a concern.  

How Many Hair Grafts Did Joe Swash Need?

Joe Swash may have needed around 4,000 hair grafts, considering the size of his balding area. He was thinning in Zone 1-4 and Zone 6 (Norwood Scale 6), and to achieve full thickness in those areas, he would have needed around that many hair follicles. 

Hair loss zones

The number of grafts needed for a hair transplant (depending on the size of the balding area and desired density) can be estimated using a graft calculator. With that, you can also calculate how much a hair transplant will cost you if the clinic is charging by the number of hair follicles. 

How Were The Recovery & Results of Joe Swash Hair Transplant?

As far as the first Joe Swash hair transplant is concerned, it was a rather unpleasant experience. Once he had the surgery, he didn’t get much aftercare support. He mentions going home and hoping for the best. But he said that he was “wrestling with his little one,” so he probably ended up losing about 1,000 of his hair follicles doing just that. 

Hair follicles

Ideally, your doctor should provide you with aftercare instructions and make sure to follow up so that you’re recovering normally. Since that didn’t happen with Joe Swash, the results of his first procedure were also rather unsatisfactory. In 2009, after he reportedly had “tried everything” for his hair, including a transplant, he was still seen with a visible bald patch in the crown region of the scalp. This was when he was spotted on a romantic holiday with his then-girlfriend, Kara Tointon. 

As mentioned earlier, not much is known about his second hair transplant. However, as far as his third hair transplant is concerned, after he had the surgery, he did seem satisfied with the clinic. “I feel as good as gold!” he said. He was especially happy about getting aftercare support for 12 months. 

However, as far as the results of the third Joe Swash hair transplant are concerned, it doesn’t seem good. In a 2021 appearance on Loose Women, Joe’s fiance, Stacey Solomon, said that he’s been wearing hats again, even in the house. You can see him wearing one when Stacey posted a picture of her family celebrating her 5 million followers on Instagram. So, it is possible that Joe Swash may get another hair transplant in the future. 

How Much Did Joe Swash Hair Transplant Cost?

Joe Swash’s first hair transplant reportedly cost him £3,000. He can still get an FUE hair transplant at that price (can depend on the location, clinic, and surgeon’s expertise). Since he had three procedures in total, Joe Swash’s hair transplants would have cost him around £9,000.

It could’ve been even cheaper if the surgery had taken place in Turkey. The hair transplant cost in Turkey is around £1,700. So, the total would have come to around £5,000.

Was Joe Swash Hair Transplant Still Worth It?

In the Loose Women interview, when he first revealed that he had a hair transplant, Joe said that he “never regretted it” and “it was the right decision” for him. And even after getting his third hair transplant, the actor said, “if you are worried about it, go and have a consultation, go and speak to someone about it and whatever makes you feel comfortable, go and do it.” He says that you should get this surgery for yourself and not anyone else. 

It seems like, for the actor, this procedure was worth it. For as long as he was seeing good results, he must have felt confident about his thick hair. Swash admitted that he felt like his hair loss could negatively affect his professional career, so he wanted to get the surgery. It has also helped him look younger and “his best”. 


Being a public figure, you can feel way more pressure to look perfect all the time. Losing hair is something that affects everyone, including celebrities. So, Joe Swash hair transplant shouldn’t come as a surprise. 

This is especially so because, according to Stacey, losing hair for him felt like a loss of his identity. If you’re also losing hair, it’s best if you get yourself checked by a medical professional. Hair loss can occur due to various reasons, and not all of them cause permanent damage. You’ll be recommended a treatment plan accordingly.

Reviewed and Approved by Dr. Cagla Yuksel.

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