David Silva’s Hair Transplant

When you’re a football wizard, the world is watching you. And more so than anymore, nothing passes unnoticed among the fans. They cheer on their favourite players, shower them with love, and provide support. However, they also keep an eye on the slightest changes that are happening in the player’s professional life.

A hair transplant is something personal, though. But if you’re flaunting some beautiful locks at one moment, and choose to shave your entire head, later on, it will raise some suspicions. That’s why we’re here, trying to dig a little deeper into Merlin, the magician, David Silva’s hair transplant surgery.

Four Premier League titles, two FA Cups, five League Cups, and twice named in the PFA Team of the Year, this left-footed wonder of a midfielder is a sight for sore eyes. However, a couple of years ago, at the beginning of Manchester City’s 2018-2019 season, the Spaniard completely shaved his head. Was that in preparation for a hair transplant? Let’s find out!

When Did the Fans Come to Know About David Silva Hair Transplant?

Seeing the Spanish maestro without his luxurious hair, people simply started to look closely at the images of his bare scalp. It was dotted with red acne-like spots along his hairline. That was the biggest giveaway for fans that yes, indeed, the footballer had undergone a hair transplant surgery. 

David Silva before and after alleged hair transplant
David Silva’s hair in 2018 vs 2022

It was also that people were able to notice his receding hairline once he had completely shaved his head. Otherwise, not many were suspecting the player to have hair loss problems (probably due to androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness).

He probably chose to intervene sooner rather than later and did not wait for his head to completely go bald in the centre as losing hair at an early age can make you look older and it is advised to have your hair transplant as early as possible. You can not only look but also feel young by having hair transplant surgery in Turkey.

Silva’s fans soon saw that his hair started to grow quite quickly during the season and he again looked like the man that we know. That is the indicator of a successful hair transplant. Manchester City supporters were slightly shocked when they saw the bald head of their favourite midfielder. It, in fact, caused quite a stir, with many fans talking about the “David Silva hair transplant” on social media.

However, those who were familiar with the process of the hair transplant didn’t take long to figure out why the player chose to shave his head. If you look at his photos where he has pushed back his hair, you’ll see that his hairline was moving backwards rather than forward.

David Silva hairline recession
David Silva’s hairline in 2016

Is Head Shaving a Part of Hair Transplant Surgery?

If you’re having FUE hair transplant surgery, your head will likely be shaved although it isn’t always the case. For instance, there’s U-FUE or unshaven Follicular Unit Extraction, which you can choose if you wouldn’t like to go completely bald before regaining your hair. 

FUE hair transplant technique

However, the cost of U-FUE is greater. But if you are someone who doesn’t like creating a stir, this can be a good option to consider. Eventually though if you’re experiencing noticeable hair loss and choose to get hair transplant without telling anyone, a year or so later people will notice.

David Silva's shaven head

Why Hasn’t David Silva Said Anything About It?

That’s because it’s his decision to let the world know about his hair transplant surgery. David Silva is popular for his footballing prowess. His talent is what makes his fans go wild, and that’s what made him become a part of the Spanish National Team in a very short time.

David Silvas hair before and after
David Silva’s hair in 2016 vs 2023

Playing 400 matches for Manchester City since 2010, he announced to leave after the 2019-2020 season. The latter event was, of course, very saddening for his fans. But the player has signed a two-year contract with Real Sociedad which was such a surprise that the club’s website crashed. Anyway, we wish him good luck in all his endeavours. 

No statement was given by the footballer himself, so David Silva’s hair transplant has not been confirmed. But when someone decides to do something about a thing that makes them unhappy, we can’t help but give a nod of encouragement.

Moreover, the best part is that he has made it quite clear that hair transplant surgery has no effect whatsoever on the performance of the player. That means that you too can go about your daily life or do even better than before after having hair transplant surgery. 

Everything’s clear enough anyway so too much probing isn’t going to help anyone. What we want to know more is what surgery technique led him to grow his hair back so successfully.

What Hair Transplant Technique Did David Silva Choose?

It’s possible that David Silva had an FUE hair transplant. In this, single hair follicles are taken from the donor area, which is the backside of the head where your hair grows stronger and thicker and implanted in the recipient area, which is the balding parts of your head.

As skin strips are taken in FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant, we would have seen linear wounds or scars in his donor area. But no one could spot them on Silva’s head. 

FUE VS FUT hair transplant

In FUT, a piece of skin is taken out from the back of the head for extracting hair grafts which are then used for transplantation. The wound is stitched back up but FUT leaves a relatively prominent scar and the recovery can also be more difficult.


How Successful Was David Silva Hair Transplant Surgery? 

From the results, it definitely seems that the surgery went quite well. If Silva had his surgery at a celebrity clinic, it may have cost him tens of thousands of pounds, however. For instance, Wayne Rooney is reported to have spent £30,000 on his hair transplant.

David Silva's hair in 2022
David Silva’s hair in 2022

That is a ginormous amount of money to pay for a traditional FUE hair transplant surgery. In contrast, you can get a hair transplant in Turkey for around £1,500-£2,000 due to the low cost of living and exchange rate. There are many experienced surgeons in the country who can help you get permanent, natural-looking results.

Concluding Remarks 

 Unlike footballer, Wayne Rooney, who has openly admitted to having a hair transplant, Silva hasn’t mentioned anything. But from his photos, it does look like David Silva’s had a hair transplant. The fact that his head was shaven for quite a few years would’ve made the surgery even more discreet as he wouldn’t have had to shave his head out of the blue.

If you’re also experiencing hair loss, make sure you consult a board-certified medical professional for an accurate diagnosis. They’ll prepare a suitable treatment plan for you accordingly.

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