David Beckham Hair Transplant: True or False?

David Beckham is one of England’s greatest footballers and one of the biggest heartthrobs on the planet. Over the years David Beckham has become a style icon for men’s fashion. And he still holds up the status even after saying goodbye to his football days. One thing that has always been in the news, however, is David Beckham’s hair – from long locks to cornrow braids – he had a great influence on the global style industry. This is why when the news of David Beckham hair transplant broke out on the Internet 2 years ago, in 2018, everybody was taken by storm!

As a stylish and well-groomed man, it’s no surprise that David Beckham appears to have had a hair transplant. Although David himself never confirmed the news, the difference between his before and after pictures is too obvious to ignore. 

As you grow older your hair starts thinning and falling out as the natural part of ageing – Yes, even if you are David Beckham! Many celebrities go for ways to increase hair growth and volume because it helps promote a more youthful appearance. 

Are the Rumours True?

The pressure of being the celebrity male icon and being a father to four wonderful children has no doubt had an impact on David Beckham’s hairline. Due to the constant high-stress lifestyle, it’s no doubt that your body will start to deteriorate if not taken care of. Including all these factors men are generally more prone to receding hairline and thinning hair at an early age. This is completely understandable and nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. So why don’t celebrities admit and come out with honesty? 

David Beckham is one celebrity who is very open about lifestyle and other intimate details of his private life, such as his moisturising routine. He claimed that the option to have a hair transplant is a private decision and he does not wish to discuss it. 

How do we know that he had a Hair Transplant?

Judging by the images back in 2013, David Beckham had a clear thinning on the crown of his head. This is an early sign of androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. Multiple images later revealed a balding patch on the crown of his head. However, only a few months later, we see David with great hair once again. How so?

There are a lot of controversy in the media about his hair and whether or not he had a hair transplant. Various entertainment websites all over the world have shared multiple pictures examining David Beckham hair transplant and his dramatically changing hairline over the past few weeks in 2018 when he went from being bald in a Miami pool to a thick weave straight in Hong Kong. 

Thus, judging by the evidence and by the fact that he was definitely receding (and given his vast amount of wealth), it’s very clear that he got a hair transplant. David himself has not made any official statements about the rumour. However, we have all the evidence we need to believe that he indeed got a hair transplant. 

What Type of Hair Transplant Did David Beckham Have?

David Beckham hair transplant is a full coverage hair transplant from the front of this head but it looks very natural. Based on the overall look, it looks like an FUE hair transplant (also known as a Follicular Unit Extraction procedure). 

FUE transplants are a great choice for combating hair loss and thinning. The reason is that it has a short recovery period. Also, they only use local anaesthesia to numb your head. FUE hair transplant offers excellent blending and follows the natural hairline as much as possible. It is performed by using the patient’s own hair. The surgery involves taking hair from the area called the donor area, which is the backside and the sides of the head. The surgeon then implants the hairs into the balding areas to offer the best results for full coverage.

The FUE hair transplant has a 98% success rate. It is also one of the most popular hair transplant techniques in the world. The full results of this procedure take 9 to 12 months to show. However, most patients grade difference within just 16 weeks. This hair transplant lasts a lifetime and gives a great seamless look.

David Beckham’s Beard Transplant

Millions of women around the world admire David Beckham. One reason for that is his sexy beard. Many studies have revealed that women prefer men with facial hair because it makes them appear as more physically and socially dominant. This is why women love men with beards and why beard transplant became very popular over the last couple of years. 

This new trend for men to have facial hair for the “rugged” look has impacted different celebrities including Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck, Jason Momoa, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jamie Dornan, and of course, David Beckham. Now you must have already heard the rumours about David Beckham hair transplant. But we did some digging and found out that it is highly likely he also had a beard hair transplant in Dubai – YES! you read that right. 

For those who don’t know, a beard transplant is a procedure to reconstruct the facial hair. The procedure is basically harvesting the donor area’s hair and putting them back on the bald patches around the beard. The hair transplant surgeons extract the hair from the backside of the head and the entire procedure takes about 2-5 hours under local anaesthesia. The transplanted hair falls out after two weeks, then starts to regrow after three months. It then keeps growing for the rest of your life and gets thicker each month, so the results are permanent! 

Now that people are more conscious of their looks, a patchy beard and clean shave are no longer in demand. Whether you are a common man or a million-dollar celebrity the latest trend of the full beard has driven many for a facial hair transplant. 

The facial hair transplant game is here to stay and is well worth the time and the money. So, go ahead and achieve your full-bearded look now!

How Can I Have A Hair Transplant Like David Beckham?

David Beckham hair transplant is likely to be FUE, as stated earlier. However, each individual hair transplant depends on the patient’s hair problems, history, and requirements. With that being said, anyone who has the same hair loss pattern as David can have the same results as the David Beckham hair transplant. Consult a reliable reputable and expert hair transplant surgeon to find out how exactly you can achieve the David Beckham thick crew cut and full-bearded rough look. 

Get David Beckham Hair Transplant

The hair transplantation procedure usually lasts 6 to 8 hours and it is performed under local anaesthesia. A sedation option also available as per the patient’s requirement. The recovery period is 2 weeks and it comes with some possible side effects like infection, swelling, itching, and numbness. However, these are normal and are a part of the recovery process. After a period of 6 months, the patient sees 70% improvement. To see a full hundred percent the patient is should wait for a complete year. 

Moreover, hair transplant (whether FUE or FUT) is permanent. However, there are certain cases where the procedure might fail due to a variety of circumstances. Hair transplant is a very safe procedure but it is still a medical procedure with potential risks and side effects. This is why it is always recommended to research hair restoration surgeons carefully and to only consult reputable names in the market.

Reviewed and Approved by Dr. Hassan Soueid.

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