Which Hair Loss Solution Is the Best One?

Many people are aware of the different hair loss solutions that are available. However, it’s not always easy to choose between them. Some people want to give temporary options a shot before they go ahead with something more permanent. Whatever may be the case, let’s take a look at some of the most popular options. 

What Are the Best Solutions for Hair Loss?

For many people, it’s one or more of the following: 

Hair Wigs

These have been around for quite a while. There was a time when it was easy to spot one of them, but now, people get shocked when they find out that someone’s wearing a wig. While wigs are one way to hide the bald patches on the scalp, they have many, many problems. 

To begin with, they could fall. And that alone is drastic. Only the slightest movement of it can instil fear. Fear that everyone would become aware of the so-called “shame” that you’ve been hiding. 

Other than that, wearing wigs might also not be that great for your hair. The closed off space would offer no breathing room to the pores. Dandruff, infection, and stink might soon follow. But, still, if you think that they’d suit you, you can consider trying them out for a while and decide for yourself. 


Another one of the hair loss solution is Toppik. These are basically fibres that mimic the appearance of actual hair and stick to the surrounding hair on the scalp (there needs to be some hair for them to stick). 

While they can look good on your scalp, they also come with a lot of problems. There are safety concerns about its ingredients. It’s easy to have them rub off if your head is touching a wall or sofa. Some people also report feeling itchy so you can just end up scratching these off. It’s not the best non-surgical hair loss solution, but there are people who use it occasionally. 

Platelet-Rich Plasma 

Research has shown that PRP injections can help in the growth of hair, even in those who have androgenetic alopecia. It affects the growth cycle for that. However, keep in mind that these injections alone might not be able to prevent hair loss due to pattern baldness. It is usually recommended in conjunction with a hair transplant, where the concentration of platelets also helps in quick healing. 


One of the most popular hair loss solutions is minoxidil and finasteride. These two medications are prescribed to those who are experiencing hair loss due to different causes. Both work in different ways, but they can help the hair grow. 

However, there are a few things about them that make them not-so-ideal: They don’t give permanent results, and they can have unpleasant side effects. Due to these reasons, some people may want to discuss other treatment options with their doctors. 

Other medicines used as hair loss solutions include: 

Biofibre Hair Transplant

Rather unconventional among the different hair loss solutions is the biofibre hair transplant. It uses biocompatible hair fibres made of polyamide and transplants them to the scalp. 

Those who do not have a donor area for a traditional hair transplant may be recommended this solution. But keep in mind that some of the clinics offering this treatment do not screen the patients for compatibility and end up jeopardizing their health. Patients have reported some very serious side effects after getting this. It can also end up looking quite unnatural. 

Hair Weaving

Hair weaving is very similar to hair bonding, but instead of glueing on the hair, the weave is stitched onto the patient’s remaining hairs. Some of the weaves are even glued to the scalp using adhesives. These are not always made of human hair. Sometimes it’s synthetic, so they can look unnatural. This is a hair loss solution for both men and women. 

However, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), since weaves can require the wearing of tight hairstyles by women, it can end up causing traction alopecia (which can be permanent). You have to be careful about maintenance and adjustment while caring for your natural hair. 

Some of the hair weaving practices may also end up over-drying the hair. You can also experience other problems like itchiness. All in all, it is temporary and can be expensive (costing from a few hundred to thousands of dollars) and time-consuming. 

Laser Therapy 

One of the less talked about hair loss solutions is laser therapy. There are different laser hair growth devices that have received FDA approval. Some studies show that it can help stimulate the follicles, allowing hair growth. However, a lot of the studies are small, use animal models and are not that reliable. There are many people who complain that they didn’t notice any hair growth after using these devices. There is more research needed on it. 

Hair Transplants 

The only surgical hair loss solution is a hair transplant. The surgeon uses different techniques (FUE or FUT) to reposition the follicles on the scalp. The surgery can offer permanent results to those who have lost their hair permanently to pattern baldness, traction alopecia, scarring alopecia, etc. 

It can have some temporary side effects. In the case of FUT, patients may be left with a permanent linear scar. Hair transplants are very popular and the only way you can restore natural hair growth permanently. 

Concluding Remarks 

There are different hair loss solutions available. Since they’re all very unique, it can be difficult to choose the right one. It’s best to get a diagnosis for your hair loss from the doctor and discuss different treatment options with them. 

They have their pros and cons, which you should take into consideration before making your final decision. Keep in mind that some of the hair loss solutions mentioned above can do more harm than good, which is why you need to do your research before deciding on anything.

Reviewed and Approved by Trichologist Yaprak Yazan

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